Prof. Dr. Christina Surulescu

University of Kaiserslautern
Department of Mathematics
Research Focus Industrial Mathematics
Biomathematics Group 


Prof. Dr. Christina Surulescu
Felix-Klein-Center for Mathematics
Building 31, Room 352
67663 Kaiserslautern
Phone: +49 631 205 5312
Fax: +49 631 205 5308

Felix-Klein-Center for Mathematics
Doris Hemmer-Kolb
Building 31, Room 351
Phone: +49 631 205 5311
Fax: +49 631 205 5308

Research Focuses (Work Focuses)

Mathematical modeling of biomedical problems, e.g. :

  • multiscale models for cancer cell migration through tissue networks
  • chemotactic cell dispersal
  • assessment of radiation therapies for cancer patients
  • programmed cell death (TNF-induced apoptosis signaling pathways)
    pattern formation

Analysis and numerics of ordinary, partial (parabolic PDEs, kinetik equations, integro-differential equations) and stochastic differential equations.

Employee and Doctoral

Dipl.-Math. Markus Knappitsch (WWU Münster)
Dr. Christian Stinner
Dipl.-Techn.-Math. Christian Winkel
(Universität Stuttgart)
Dipl.- Math. Alexander Hunt
Dipl.-Math. Sandesh Hiremath

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